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    Children learn in a Virtual Classroom with their Teacher and Friends. Suitable from Tots to Older Children, Our Little Lingua’s absorb a language rather than the traditional ‘Learn’.

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Have you been looking for a language school that offers online learning classes to Primary School Children?

None of us went to School to learn our Mother Tongue, we simply absorbed it! The acquiring of another language should be no different. At Little Lingua we believe the only way to communicate in another language is to LIVE that language. We are passionate about speaking languages and believe in total immersion in the target language. Children learn languages naturally; all they need is exposure to the language. We practice a ‘Child-Led’ approach to learning and believe that acquiring a new language should be through games, songs and fun activities. An approach that is Natural to the child. This is where we’re uniquely and passionately different. We practice the Direct Method and will only speak to your Child in the target language.

Every week students experience a mix of familiar routines and new songs, words, and phrases to help them build French, German, Irish or Spanish fluency. And because youngsters are immersed, they start thinking in their new language, articulating it, and spontaneously constructing simple foreign sentences.