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Explore the big map of language schools and discover teachers all over the world! We're pinning new schools on the map all the time.

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LingoLOLLearn Italian

Learn languages while you laugh, with the TikTok language stars. Lingolol has a collection of bitesize funny videos and memes, curated into categories including Spanish, English, German, and French. Submit your own videos, or subscribe for more!

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Language TransferSpanish audio course

Sometimes just getting started is the biggest challenge of all, but once you do start, LT promises you an instant sense of progress, and an ensuing learning journey like none other!

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Little Lingua PodcastTest your skills

Dive into intermediate Spanish with our podcast series. Go on a ride with Chris, Miguel and Annette!

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We provide a unique blend of podcasts and resources to make your language learning journey enjoyable and effective.

The Little Lingua Spanish Podcast

Learning Spanish? Engaging podcasts aimed at intermediate Spanish listeners, for free.

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