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Lingua Crèche (1.5 – 4Y) | 45 Minutes

From Birth your Child is contsantly exposed to language learning.These precious few years are dubbed “The early opportunity years” by neurolinguist Eric Lenneberg.

Expose your child to a foreign language’s unique sounds, pronunciation, word meanings, and sentence forms while he or she’s still absorbing his first language.

Capture a youngster’s prime time to learn a new language with Little Lingua’s time-tested approach, the ’Direct Method’ with full immersion into the Language, using top-notch materials, emotional reinforcement, and stimulating activities.

Our programs for children aged between 18m – 4yrs

At this age Children will absorb their new language through gentle language immersion activities, teacher-child interaction, lots of tactile props and visual aids, original vocabulary-building songs, and much more.  Tots playgroups build more than language skills. As youngsters handle toys and visual aids, they develop motor skills and coordination. As they participate and interact they imagine, discover, and build social skills. And as they’re asked to recall and respond, they turn into students and reinforce what they’re learning in class.

Little Lingua’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play.  Our Teachers are taught to blend emotional support, smiles, warmth, language-rich melodies, child-friendly props, routines, stories, and one-on-one interaction. Little Lingua knows how to capture a child’s imagination; so that children truly learn all of the words and phrases that they’re hearing and practicing.

Every week students experience a mix of familiar routines and new songs, words, and phrases to help them build French, German, Irish or Spanish fluency. And because youngsters are immersed, they start thinking in their new language, articulating it, and spontaneously constructing simple foreign sentences.


Create a bilingual child at Little Lingua

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